Monday, March 17, 2008

What's Been Going On

Today I feel like mainly summing up what has been going on lately in pictures. Probably the biggest change that has happened lately is that I stopped tutoring. It's not like I was dying of too much work. That's practically impossible to say now that I don't have homework or lesson planning anymore. But one full time job is enough for me, and I like actually having time to make dinner at night now. Although I really haven't made dinner too often yet. My favorite girl that I tutored is named Allie and on my last day, she brought me some flowers that she picked from her mom's garden. I thought it was very sweet.

She also drew a picture of me. I think for a third grader she's a pretty good little artist.

I never really wrote anything about my Bible Study's ski retreat. It's a little late now to go into a ton of detail, but it was a really great time. It was fun having a smaller group and getting to have good conversations with people that I normally don't always get to talk to. Plus I made a couple of new friends! :0) We also got to build a legitimate snowman! Something I have not done since I was five, and then it was really my dad who made it.

Recently they filmed a movie in the little group of homes that my friends and I live in. Our guess was that it is because it looks like a camp. All the houses are green, except the owners, whose house is yellow. It threw off my theory a little bit until they painted the front of their house green to make it match! They painted it back shortly after filming. They were around for about a week. Our landlord told us that it was an America Ferrera movie, but we are pretty suspicious about that. The signs said "Parental Guidance." So we'll just have to wait and see. Below is a picture of the lights that were shining into my bedroom at one o'clock a.m. in the morning on the last night of filming! If I hadn't had my blinds closed it would have looked like daytime. Thankfully, I was able to fall asleep before they left.

This is the notification we got the day AFTER they started filming.

I recently went to Chinatown with Melissa Johnson.

We came across this store.... Don't they mean Jade RINGS?


Is what fell out of this...

All we know is that it was called a Sesame ball. Melissa was a little sad when she dropped the inside on the ground. But I don't really consider that a bad thing.
My mom and I like to go to Pasadena together. She has a few senior citizen sites that she goes to to inspect their kitchens and give them talks on nutrition. After she's done we typically either go to this really cool bookstore called "Vroman's", or we get Boba at Tapioca Express in Marino. Yum! I'm so glad my mom likes Boba. I usually sit in the car at my mom's first site and this was my view from the side mirror!

I just love old buildings!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Well, after almost two months, those second graders are still cracking me up. I may have mentioned this before, but what I find particulary amusing with this bunch is how they are constantly changing up what they play at recess; they range from the normal to the extremely abnormal. There is generally a large group of boys playing soccer made up of about five regulars and about five to eight drifters. Yesterday two of the girliest girls in the class were playing to my utter astonishment.
Then you have the swingset crew. We have one tire swing, two regular swings, and too many kids. Three can fit on the tire swing and the position of "tire swing pusher" is surprisingly as coveted a spot as a rider. Since I am a bit taller and slightly stronger than most of the little tykes, most of the riders prefer me to push. I was doing this one day and one of the girls burst into tears because I was taking her job! On the regular swings, back and forth motions do not suffice. The kids do flips and twists and all sorts of tricks on them. I often fear for their lives. (That might be a slight exaggeration.)
Finally you have the creative kids. Soccer balls and swings are mere childs play. These kids are into sticks and stones.

They use the sticks to kill bees, make little teepees and do all sorts of odd things. I let them cart the little stones around; they used to carry the big ones all over the place but I put an end to that, I was worried that they might drop it on someones foot and break it and then I would be fired. I don't know what they do with them exactly either, although they have invented a new game called "Destroying Elmo." They take a little stick which they name Elmo for some reason (and I asked, they are referring to the little, red, furry Sesame Street character) they stick "him" in the ground, and then they take a rock and smash him until he is buried underground. This they do for the entire thirty minutes or so of recess.
So that's my class. They're an interesting bunch.


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