Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mad About...

You better not be thinking that my baby looks like an alien.  (Okay actually you totally can, because I sure think she does right now.)  A friend at work thought her face was her whole body, but that's actually her arms and belly below her face.  I know these things can be hard to decipher.
Can I just say that I l.o.v.e. LOVE being pregnant?  I kinda always thought I would but wasn't sure.  I mean -- throwing up, having no energy, gaining weight that can be hard to lose, not to mention the PAIN of CHILDBIRTH!! what's so great about that?  But seriously, so far I have loved every (pretty much) minute of it.
By the way, totally lied up there.  I have not always thought I would love it.  When I was a kid I was freaked out at the thought of giving birth.  I had seen enough movies at a young age of women giving birth.  No thanks.  Adoption for me!  I really did tell my mom that I would adopt when I grew up.
However, the older I grew and the more I understood what an amazing thing pregnancy is, I couldn't wait.  I mean, really folks, a tiny little person grows INSIDE of you!  They feed off you, they call your belly home, and they live in there for 9 months!  It's crazy!  Kwacha is just fascinated by the idea that a baby's safest place is it's mothers womb.  You'd think with where technology is today (and it is pretty amazing how they can keep 24 week old babies alive now), they might even do better outside.  But God has created the perfect little environment for these sweet little things.
The "profile" shot.  It's really not, the sonographer couldn't get a good profile shot, but I like how she's waving.  :)
I know I might feel a little differently in about 20 weeks when I'm not getting any sleep at night but right now I can't wait to meet her. 
Here's a full body shot, head on the left, legs on the right.  She's about the length of a banana here head to toe.
And, I'm sorry if anyone finds the following inappropriate but....
...proof she's a girl!
The sonographer told us that in ultrasound school her teacher taught them that when looking for gender, for a girl you look for a hamburger (three lines).  Well, there it is!
I am so thankful that God would allow us to become parents and I pray that she would continue to do well in there so that we can meet her!  His sovereignty is always wise and good, so matter what happens, I am so thankful for the experience He's given us so far!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Seek Jesus!

C. H. Spurgeon*** August 23*** Love and Seek True Wisdom*** I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. (Proverbs 8:17) Wisdom loves her lovers and seeks her seekers. He is already wise who seeks to be wise, and he has almost found wisdom who diligently seeks her. What is true of wisdom in general is specially true of wisdom embodied in our Lord Jesus. Him we are to love and to seek, and in return we shall enjoy His love and find Himself. Our business is to seek Jesus early in life. Happy are the young whose morning is spent with Jesus! It is never too soon to seek the Lord Jesus. Early seekers make certain finders. We should seek Him early by diligence. Thriving tradesmen are early risers, and thriving saints seek Jesus eagerly. Those who find Jesus to their enrichment give their hearts to seeking Him. We must seek Him first, and thus earliest. Above all things Jesus. Jesus first and nothing else even as a bad second. The blessing is that He will be found. He reveals Himself more and more clearly to our search.... Happy men who seek One who, when He is found, remains with them forever, a treasure growingly precious to their hearts and understandings. Lord Jesus, I have found Thee; be found of me to an unutterable degree of joyous satisfaction.


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