Friday, April 22, 2011

Mad About...

Coffee Bean's Belgian Waffle!

This may look like an ordinary waffle, but trust me my friends. This is NO. ordinary. WAFFLE. I remember, about a year or so ago, I walked into Coffee Bean and saw this delectable wonder sitting on the counter in a glass dome. I thought, "Mm, that looks good," but I guess the purse strings were drawn a little tight that day. I left without the waffle. The very next day I was eating lunch with Emily and Erin at work and they were talking about this delicious waffle they had the day before at Coffee Bean. I said, "No way, I almost bought that yesterday." They immediately got crazy eyes and couldn't believe I didn't try it. They said it was one of the best things they had ever eaten. They said I didn't even need to use the Nutella that came with it. They said it was that. good.
So of course it was was only natural for me to try it that afternoon. I was thinking, "Seriously. This has been talked up way too much. There's no way it can be as good as they say. Friends. It was better. I should really learn to trust those girls.
That belgian waffle became a way of life for me for some time. I had to tell other people about it. I had to take my friends and experience their joy in trying it. know...not an excuse to have another one myself...
All was going well until one dark summer day. I bounced into Coffee Bean with the taste of the belgian waffle already on my tongue. I stepped up to the counter. I was a just a tad nervous because I didn't see the waffle out on the counter. But I thought, "They're probably just whipping up a fresh batch." The barista asked me for my order and I gave it to him. And then the 12 words I thought I would never hear came out of his mouth. "We don't have the belgian waffle anymore. No one ever orders it." WHAT???!!!! EXCUSE ME???!!! AM I NO ONE????!! I stood there with what I am sure was a look of shock mixed with horror and sorrow. I think I might have uttered, "Seriously?" And then after a minute? Okay maybe 5 seconds I said, "Okay fine then, never mind. Bye." The barista of doom asked, "You don't want anything else?" I said, "No." And I left that store, vowing I would never return.
A couple of months later I met up with Glenna and Janea and Glenna suggested we go to Coffee Bean. It was a different location. The one at the mall. I reluctantly agreed. We walked in and lo and behold, there. On the counter. Was my beloved waffle. You'd think I was a 5 year old walking up to the gates of Disneyland for the first time. I ordered the waffle with butter. (It enhances the flavor.) It was a blessed reunion.
When I started having health issues, I had to say goodbye to the belgian waffle for quite some time. But recently, I have been able to eat desserts here and there. (Okay I might have them a bit more than "here and there", but that's another blog post.) Shelsy and I will often go to Coffee Bean on our break and order Blueberry Peach Iced Teas. We go to the infamous Coffee Bean that ruined my life for awhile. :) Guess what they sell there now? Yeah. Looks like it was in high demand after all! Barista of doom!

Shelsy didn't think I talked it up too much either.

I created another monster.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Have you ever seen...

a monkey made out of flip flops?


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