Thursday, May 24, 2007

At the Ball Game....

There are two kinds of people that you can meet at Dodger Stadium.
Normal people who just enjoy America's favorite pasttime:

And crazy psycho fans:

Other than his hair, he might not look to crazy, but don't be fooled....he was definitely of the second variety that I just described. As they introduced the player's at the beginning of the game, this guy raised his right fist into the air and yelled a long "yayyyyyyy!!" after every single one. Okay, so maybe he wasn't a crazy psycho fan, there are definitely worse out there. But I always find it fascinating how some people's looks reflect their personalities so well.

Want to see it from a slightly different angle?

I love camera phones. :0)


Pecadillo said...

Whoa. That guy's hair is amazing.

Clint & Kim said...

that is so funny, i ALWAYS end up sitting next to thos PSYCHO fans, they are so annoying! like, can't you just be a NORMAL fan, like me!?! :)


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