Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer Busyness

When this summer started out I assumed that I would be pretty bored for most of it since I don't have a job. Boy was I wrong. It has turned out to be pretty busy so far.

One of the first things I did was go to an Angels game with a few friends. My family used to be pretty big Dodger fans, but after the strike way back when, my dad stopped taking us to games, so I don't really feel any allegiance to them anymore. And man, Angels stadium is way nicer than the Dodger's stadium.

All of my life, I have wanted a bobblehead. Well, at least ever since I first saw my dad's old Tiger's bobbleheads in his old room at my Grandma's house in Michigan. It just so happened that they were giving out free bobbleheads at the Angels game! I was thrilled, even though I had no idea who the player was. I brought him home, and my mom put him on a shelf in my room. Unfortunately, I was not aware of this fact. I didn't see Jared as I reached for a book and I knocked him with my arm. I yelled out a loud, "NOOOooooo..." as he crashed to my desk. I think I felt a slight knot in my throat as I picked up Jared's decapitated head.

Thankfully my summer busyness did not end there. Wedding season began and Emily and I drove up to Walnut Creek near San Fransisco to go to my old roomie's wedding. I was a candlelighter. I think my least favorite wedding job ever, but it went fine. We didn't burn anything down, and I was thankful to be included in Lindsey and Nick's wedding. It was a really wonderful wedding too. And no, I didn't take the picture below. Candlelighters don't get to ride in the limo.

Emily and I drove back that Saturday morning and that night we went to Charis and Ryan's wedding. Pretty different than the one we went to the night before. Super casual. It was nice being able to hang out a bit with the bride. And they aren't over...

The very next weekend I went to Big Bear with some friends from Bible study. Four moms, Becky and me, and twelve kids. That's right, twelve kids. That might not sound like a relaxing weekend, but it was. These moms know how to handle their kids.
Here's Elizabeth.

And Andrew and Ian. They are very inerested in nail painting because it is only a girl thing. Here they are watching Becky paint her nails in chrome. It was actually really funny. Becky and I went to get Starbucks before our drive up there and this middle aged guy behind us was all interested in her nails, asking how she got them to look chrome. Then the guy behind the counter was leaning over trying to see himself. It was kinda weird.
Here's ten of the twelve kids.

And Elizabeth petting a goat at the petting zoo.

Wilbur was there.

It was a fun little trip filled with a lot of yummy dessets.
My mom has been busy this summer planting things in the backyard. Here is the sunflower she grew that's taller than her.
I've also had time to do some babysitting this summer for Marietjie and Anton. They have some of the cutest, funniest girls I have ever met. Here's Naomi showing me her play-dough.

One of my favorite times is trying to wake her up from her nap. The day I took this it took about 20 minutes to get her fully awake. There was a lot of tickling involved.

The most recent busyness has been Emily's broken ankle, which she cracked in three places playing baseball. Mariejtie, Anton, Naomi and Olivia came over to visit her.
Naomi thought she would help out by doing the dishes. She just climbed up there on her own and started soaping up the sink. :0)
And there is her cute sister, Olivia.

Well, since things have slowed down a bit because of the ankle, I had to pass the time by painting Emily's toe nails. Why break your ankle if you can't have a little fun with it?

So that's pretty the much the end of the summer busyness. At least for a little while.

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