Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Chocolatine, Friends, and Maggie!

At the beginning of this weekend, I was a little bummed, because I wasn't going on the camping trip to the Sequoia's with a group from Bible study. And while I am still a bit sad that I missed it, God still blessed me with a great weekend! On Friday night I went to Mariejtie's with Megan and Rebekah and we saw one of my all time favorite movies (musicals for sure), Singin' in the Rain. Classic. We had In-n-Out, had a great time chatting, and watched the movie. My favorite part was watching Mariejtie laugh over the "microphone" scene. It might have appeared that I was laughing at the movie...but I was cracking up over how much Mariejtie was cracking up. I'm talking knee slapping, hold your stomach laughter. :0) I greatly appreciate the fact that she enjoyed it as much as I did. I wound up spending the night too, so that if an intruder came in, I would be the first person to be shot and it would warn Mariejtie. Her words, not mine. (As you may have guessed, Anton wasn't there, but he was on the camping trip.) The funny thing is...I really did have a dream that night that I got shot. But that's another story in itself.
The next great thing about this weekend is that my family got a new dog, Maggie. She is a Wheaten Terrier and let me just tell you, it was love at first sight! Some of you may know that our dog we owned for 14 years, Higgins, is gone. We had to have him put to sleep. I wasn't sure if I would want another dog so soon, but we really all did. It just felt like something was missing from our house. I also wasn't sure how I would feel about having a girl dog. But I just adore Maggie! She is so sweet and friendly and funny. She loves to have you pick her up...she is in her nibbling stage, but she loves to lick your face. She pounces and bounces around everywhere...and she's already pretty obedient. I mean...how could you not love her little, cute face? Here is my first picture with her the day we picked her up. :0)

Checking out her new home.

She is just precious!
The other fun part of the weekend was going to Chocolatine with Haley and Mariejtie on Sunday after church! Haley had told us about this place, a very "pakish" French cafe owned by a true French couple named Hugo and Sabrina. Their friend from France, who is here for an internship, served us. The food was soooo good! We ordered different things and tried out each other's meals and they were all delicious! We also ordered a few desserts....that are all made right there....and they were scrumptious as well! Thanks again Haley!

I knew this place was the real deal because I found a tea towel there that I bought for my mom in Marseilles! I was way excited!

I just thank God for wonderful friends and conversation and for blessing us with fun times together!

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