Sunday, December 23, 2007

Weird Dreams

I don't know what it is about sleeping downstairs in the sewing room on an air mattress, near Emily, but I have been having some unusual dreams. Now to those close members in my family, this would come as no surprise to them, since I am known for having strange dreams. But it came as a surprise to me, because I have been sleeping so well the last 4 or 5 months or so, that I've barely been dreaming at all.
Anyway, to get on with the dream. I was in a room with a large bed and I had just killed a snake. Well...I could see that there were about three more large snakes moving around under the covers at the foot of the bed and their heads were as large as dogs. They were coming and at first I thought that I could kill them, but soon I realized I couln't. I jumped off the bed and around this time I realized that my dog Maggie was in the room. I just thought, I had to get out of there and so did Maggie. So who do I try to call on my cell phone? My boss at the tutoring center. Very weird. For some reason I had now closed the door and was outside of the room...I had left Maggie in there! But the phone wouldn't work...and Maggie was going to be eaten....and then I woke up. It was about 5:20 a.m. and unfortunately, the dreams had just begun. I won't recount all of the rest because people might just think me too weird....but anyway...I had driven to work...I am pretty sure...and I realized that somehow I did not have my car, it was in some random parking lot and so I had to call someone to pick me up. All of a sudden, Emily, Jeremy, and Melissa Johnson were there. For some reason, in order to get my car we had to go to a large hotel. We were inside, climbing up the incessant, small stairway and as we neared the top, a man and his little girl, who happened to live there permanently were outside their room. The little girl was on the stairway and so someone lifted me up to get over her and I bumped my head very hard on the ceiling. After that I was in a parking lot with another car was supposed to be there but it wasn't, but she was picked up by her fiance (this friend was not Kristin Cooley even though some of you may be thinking it was). They left...but for some reason she was suddenly there again with me and we were running to my house. Then all of a sudden we were in my cousin's car...although it wasn't his gigantic truck and my friend was telling me that she didn't think she wanted to marry her fiance after all.
Next we were at my house and I had invited a few friends over...the group that normally hangs out at Anton and Marietjie's on Sunday nights, only none of those people were really there hardly. It was very random people..and when I say random, I mean random. (I really use the word "random" too frequently.) Anyway, we were all crammed into the sewing room that Emily and I happen to be sleeping in, even though in reality...this room could really only hold about 5 people max. (There were about 20 in there.) I went out to the kitchen to talk to my mom and she was asking why there were so many people there, and I said I had no idea because I didn't invite them. Next I walked into my living room and started playing the piano, only I was a prodigy or something. I wasn't even looking at the keys and I was playing a symphony or something. (That part was pretty cool.) Next thing I know, my friend Ellen is coming out of the sewing room telling me that she is going to leave. So I go into the sewing room and everyone is gone! I head back to the living room and Megan Cooley is she had been there all along even though I hadn't realized it. She was telling me that Kristin was moving to Texas, which I thought was strange considering she was getting married in May. Then suddenly we were at the Cooley's old house and we were walking down the hall and there were all these cool paintings on the wall...only they were in sets of two which indicated that Kristin and Megan had taken an art class together which I considered odd since they didn't really seem that into art. I asked Megan how she felt about Kristin moving to Texas and she said she was happy about it and all I knew was that I was sad, and then I woke up.
So there you go....a little insight into my strange brain. At least that's what Emily thinks. This was two nights ago. Last night was much shorter but just as weird. I could fly and I would punish people (?) by taking them and flying over the ocean about 100 yards from the shore and would threaten to throw them in if they didn't do something. I'm pretty sure that's what it was. Weird. Well, I'm kinda hoping I don't dream something so strange tonight.

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