Tuesday, July 08, 2008


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The past month was a very busy month. Clint and Kim Archer came out for Resolved and Junior High camp, and with them came six other South Africans. Lyle and Liz Wetherston, Kerry Drew, Vicky Ramsden, and Warren and Jen Upton. We had the privilege of having the Uptons stay with us. It was such a blessed time and I am so thankful that God allowed them to come out here. It was just very sad to see them leave yesterday! We were able to do a lot of fun things with them. The Resolved Conference, Disneyland, the 4th of July, and more. There was many a late night. So, the day after they left (thankfully), it all caught up with me and I now have the flu/cold. (Along with a disturbing case of pink eye...okay, it's not THAT disturbing. Most people didn't even notice it and it's almost gone.)

Laying here with my muscle aches, I was suddenly very curious about what causes muscle aches when you have the flu. So I went ahead and looked it up on good 'ol trusty Wikipedia. (Looking up various topics on how our bodies work just happens to be one of my favorite things to do...call me a nerd if you must...or...don't call me a nerd!) Anyway, it's fascinating. It all has to do with the immune system. When we get a virus, our immune system kicks in and produces antibodies that fight it off. The antibodies travel to our muscles by way of our blood, and they can cause the muscles to contract. The constant contraction makes our muscles sore, apparently.

There are a host of things that fight disease that I didn't even consider before. Tears, coughing, sneezing, saliva, and gastric acid are just a few among the many. I could go on and on. (By the way, the picture above is a "single neutrophil (yellow) engulphing anthrax bacteria (orange).")

The one thing that prompted me to write this post was the annoying presence of evolutionary terms on the wikipedia page. It makes it hard to distinguish betweeen what's true and what's not. (Well, I guess that's a problem with Wikipedia in general. :0) I am not suffering from the same delusion as Michael Scott.) One thing that always strikes me as I study anything about the human body is the fact that people can actually still believe in evolution after they themselves have studied this topic. All the functions that take place within the human body point to a Creator! None of those things could have just happened by accident! It's just one more thing that points to what an Awesome God we have!

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