Friday, October 17, 2008

"You look different..."

Today I woke up late and I very much dislike waking up late. Especially if I didn't take care of my hair the night before, which is, most mornings. Well, I decided to still take a shower and try to dry my hair, but by the time I was done eating breakfast, there was just no time. So, I did it, I went curly. This happened to be the first day I wore my hair curly to school. I received varied responses from the Kindergarteners.

Lily: "I like your hair today, Miss Taylor."
Kathleen: "Me too!"

Nathan: "Miss Taylor, why do you look different?"

Julie: "What happened to your hair, Miss Taylor? It looks all wiggly-wiggly!"

Natalie: "Your hair looks like Sara's! Why is it curly?" (After I asked her if she liked it...with a shy smile) "It looks funny."

And my personal favorite.

Jonathan: "It looks like octopus feet!"

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