Sunday, April 26, 2009


Dreamed that I had breakfast with Sarah but didn't talk about what we planned. Woke and realized I hadn't gone to breakfast yet. Went back to sleep. Woke right before alarm. Threw on a sweatshirt and nice, worn jeans. Got in my car and drove to pick up Sarah. Drove to Egg Plantation where I ordered Strawberry Creamcheese Stuffed French Toast. Talked with Sarah. Drove Sarah home. Went home and picked up "smart casual" clothes to wear to wedding reception. Drove over to the Payne's to watch Nathaniel. Played with Nathaniel and Tilly. Watched Tilly frustrate Nathaniel by licking his face. Watched Nathaniel frustrate Tilly by petting her too hard. Read a good book while Nathaniel napped. Observed Nathaniel attempting to walk. Chatted with Lindsey. Drove back home to change for wedding reception. Stopped to get gas. Backed up to a pummp that actually worked. Drove to Target to pick up present while trying to fix wind blown hair. Stood in line and talked with Target lady about Andrew and Vicky. Wrapped present in car until it got too hot. Realized I bought a faulty gift bag. Attempted to fix gift bag while driving. Wrote card while driving. Arrived at wedding reception. Chatted with Kristen, the Hayes' and Marietjie. Ate some red velvet cake and a gluten free cupcake. Got back in the car to drive to Megan's. Found wedding card that didn't make it into the bag. Arrived at Megan's. Hung up pictures. Watched some Gilmore Girls. Ate In-n-Out. Went shopping for curtains. Got curtains for free. Heard about Megan's first job that I never knew she had. Arrived back at apartment that has no parking. Hung up curtains. Walked to car bundled in a beach towel while holding two large paintings. Walked through some sprinklers. Thankful for towel. Hung up paintings. Started to write paper. Watched a movie while writing paper. Got annoyed by neighbors playing horseshoes after midnight. Finished paper around 2 o'clock. Decided procrastination is a bad idea. Slept soundly.

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Ebeth said...

Love this. Great writing style. Slightly opionionated about that perhaps.


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