Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mad About...


Or as it is properly pronounced...Tar-djay. That's kinda hard to type out phonetically. I pretty much call it that without fail and a couple of years ago my mom told me that my Grandma Shaw also called it that without fail -- only she seriously thought that's how it was meant to be said. :)

Anyway folks...think about it. Necklaces, purses, wedding presents, birthday presents, baby shower presents, eggs, milk, chocolate, make-up, shampoo and conditioner, tents, sleeping bags, paper, sweaters, opaque stockings, umbrellas, sunglasses, pillows, blankets, mp3 players, novels, sudoku, Starbucks, pasta, candles, cd's, wrapping paper, gum, underwear, cereal, pots, pans, mulch, tennis shoes, scarves, wallets, greeting cards, puzzles, bathing suits, Pizza Hut, nail polish, photo albums, Sudafed, Hello Kitty diaries, cacti, Burt's Bees products, clocks, storage bins, strollers, dvd players, hair straighteners, dog food...

Name me one other place where you can find such a pletheora of items under one roof.

A few other reason why I love the Bullseye:

- It's favorite color is red.
- I can ALWAYS count on seeing a friendly face. Even when I've just left the checkout line and think I made it through without seeing anyone I know, there Summer Paige will be opening the door. (I seriously used to run into Summer everywhere!)
- (I have this thing where when I'm making a list, I have to have at least three bullets.) But the whole post is about how I can find almost whatever I need at Target, so there you go.

I LOVE Target! But I won't marry it. Although I could get married in it...or not.


Ebeth said...

I too am mad about TARGET and was so pleased to discover it out here in So Cal and very pleased when they opened at TARGET on my side of the SCV.

Lisa said...

Me too! Me too!!

Emily Taylor said...

So... when are we gonna have a Sister Day post? :)

Kim Archer said...

Target is singlehandedly the best place ever. One of the things I miss the most in South Africa is Target. I know, I know, its just Target but when I walk in a Target after a year of starvation, well, lets just say I really struggle with coveting :) Oh, and cinnamon is the best thing ever too! :) I miss you my friendy! I wish we could hang out soon!


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