Friday, December 04, 2009

Mad About...

Interior Decorating

If I could have any job in the world, it would be to be a wife and mom. But considering I'm not in control of that, teaching assisting is wonderful! I really do enjoy teaching this year. I'm growing more and more convinced that I would like to stick with it. The little Kindergarteners have stolen my heart!

That said, if I wasn't a teacher, I think it would be a blast to be an interior decorator. The great thing about interior decorating though, is that anyone can do it for their own home or room! ;) And I get to redecorate my old room again! When I moved out and lived with some friends for awhile, Dany moved into my old room upstairs. When I moved back, I converted the sewing room/den downstairs into a bedroom. I took most of what I had in my room at the Valley house and stuffed it in there, and painted the back wall...what else? Red!

Here's some pics of my current room downstairs:

Well, this little room has served me well, but it's time to move on. Dany is getting married on December 28th and so she and Thomas are flying to Germany on the 18th. That means my old room upstairs is free. I contemplated staying downstairs, but I absolutely love my window upstairs! It has a beautiful tree right in front of it, giving the feel of living in a tree house...and it has a ledge wide enough to be a window seat. Perfect for reading! In addition, how can I pass up the chance to decorate a room again?!

So right now, I'm trying to decide what to do with it. I love red, but it's time for a new shade. I think I'm going to paint the back wall a bright blue/tealish color...move my black rolltop desk up there...maybe use one of my larger paintings that Amber gave me as a headboard, and besides that...the sky's the limit!

Here are some pics I found as inspiration online:

The pic of the mirror and little dresser are to prove to my mom that teal and black work together.

Tell me what you think about the above wall color. Now mind you, it would just be my back wall...a small wall. My mom LOATHES the idea. :(

And to finish off; some pretty knobs for my dresser:

Yay for decorating!


Ebeth said...

Is the problem your Mom has with the color in that picture or the idea itself?

Ebeth said...

Is Dany going to be in the house until the 18th, then?

Ebeth said...

I like the various photos you posted here

Amanda said...

She just doesn't like the color...but she said it's growing on her. She does like the idea. And yes, as far as I know, Dany will be in the house until the 18th.

CarmenMarie said...

I like the green. I have just painted a whole house on my own! My living room is all blue, the couch, the rug. My kitchen is bright yellow, my husband and my room is red, and my kids' room is green. It was so much fun! I hope you have fun! Love all of the idea pics.

Anonymous said...
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Ananda said...

Hi, I just came across your blog through searching blogs in Santa Clarita, and i love the photo with the teardrop shade in the bedroom - and the texture! So fun!


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