Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mad About...


Bet you never thought you would read THOSE words on my blog! :) But lately, it's so true! I'm really praying this isn't just a phase or a feeling, but a true conviction that will last. I actually think it might though. With the new year arriving one of the primary areas I want to grow in is contentment, so about two or three weeks ago I started reading a chapter on contentment in a book that was regifted to me. :) One I already had. But oh how thankful I am that it was given to me because it reminded me that I owned the book in the fist place. I think the title is Women Counseling Women.

Well, the chapter on contentment is SO GOOD! For years and years I have been told that singleness is a gift...and for years and years I secretly said in my heart a big, fatty "HA! yeah right." I'm truly saddened to realize how I did not believe God's Word that says that singlesness IS a gift because it's a time of undistracted devotion to the Lord. Here I've been wasting the last few years at least by allowing myself to be distracted by an unnecessary distraction! I'm not married! There's no reason to be distracted! :) I've spent so much time worrying when worrying accomplishes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And I haven't spent nearly as much time as I could have been JOYFULLY serving the Lord and delighting in Him.

The chapter talks about how women often look for joy, peace, comfort, hope, security, etc. in a husband. But those things cannot be found in a husband. Sure they might be to some extent. But what about when your husband sins agains you, (or you sin against him) or he loses his job, or he dies? Well then you're faced with the fact that joy, peace, comfort, hope and security are found in CHRIST ALONE.

All that to say, I would still like to be married someday, but if that's not what God has planned for me, I know there is contentment in Him. I just finally believe I agree that both are gifts; there are hardships and great joys in each.

So, here's to singleness! (Can I get any cheesier?) And here are my favorite pictures that came up when I typed "singleness" into Google:

Apparently singleness is throwing your hands up into the air and becoming one with nature...

Apparently singles are nerds who eat unhealthy food...

Don't give up and leave town if you're single, people!

Just trust in our ever loving God! :)


Anonymous said...
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Ebeth said...

Always a blessing to be content no matter what state you are in

Anonymous said...

I really liked that post! Reminded me of just how CONTENT i've always felt for all of my life ;)

May a ton people read your blog and spread the word!

The pictures made me grin to myself :D (esp the noodle pack- i'm hungry now!)

Ebeth said...

John MacArthur wrote, Marriage is not the key to happiness; God is.


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