Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess

Does anyone remember that game? Emily and I used to play it all the time at our friend, Thais' house. A player wins when they collect all the jewelry; necklace, bracelet, ring, clip-on earrings, and best of all, the crown! It would really stink if all you got was earrings each time around.

Well I feel like I experienced the adult version of that game a couple of weeks ago at a Jewelry Party, only we made the jewelry and the winners were the ones who found the best beads first or actually snagged a headband to decorate before they were all gone. (No "crown" for me.)

But I did make a necklace and a couple of bracelets. (One is not shown because I don't like how it turned out.)

I took these pictures at home and I'm so sad that I didn't bring my camera to the party! It was at Melinda Welch's house and I think she is pretty much the best decorator that I've ever met in real life. And she added super cute decorations for the party. Oh well.

She also served the best homemade donuts. They are baked and contain healthy ingredients, but they were so good! And she makes really yummy lattes.

The party was so much fun and the jewelry was surprisingly easy to make. :)


About Me said...

So cute Amanda! I love the stuff you made! :D

Amber Christine Photography said...

So... I was the one who said that your stuff was cute... and it came up as "About Me"... what the heck? lol. so I wanted to post as myself!! :D

Amanda said...

Haha! I know...I was like...who's About Me? So I went and checked. ;) Thanks for posting again! I LOVE the pics!!


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