Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I have...time!

Wow. I can't believe I have time to post a REAL blog post!

Not only have I been experiencing the busyness of being engaged, but work has been crazy!  Did every. single. one. of you purchase One Perfect Life?  Because I believe every one on the planet bought it.  But, the orders for that book are finally receding and we can now breathe at work.  ;)
Anyway, I feel like a little random update is in order.  (Mainly in pictures for those of you who don't like to read much.  These are definitely not in any particular order.)
First off, it was kind of surreal to take a morning off of work to go with Kwacha to fetch our marriage license. What??!!

  Also, really weird to change my last name.  Weird and just a little bit sad.  But not. 

 Another new happening is that Kwacha and I are now going to a new fellowship group at church, Mainstream.  That means that I obviously left high school staff.  :(  One of my small group girls was so kind to bring a cake to my last Bible study.
 And I was able to go to the Shepherd's Conference one day to work at the GTY booth.  Always fun to see my sister on the job. 
 (Wow, I'm just realizing how out of order this post is.)  Below is a picture from the shower that Emily and Melissa Norton threw for me at her house.  These are most of the GTY girls that came, just missing Bridget!
One thing I have really been enjoying are my early morning coffee dates with Em on Tuesdays and Jenn on Wednesdays.  It's amazing how much you can have to catch up on with people that you live with!  I always learn a lot from both of them and I always leave encouraged.
(Jenn is not typically THIS bright.)

 This year was the first year I've ever had a Valentine.  ;)  We celebrated the day after and went to some friends house for a Valentine's Day dinner on the actual day.  By the end of the night I was slightly disappointed that Kwacha had not really done anything or really even said anything about the day.  (Lame of me since we were going to celebrate the next day!)  But that night when I went up to my room after he left, this is what I found. 
 In Febrary, we were able to drive up north and visit our friends, Anton and Marietjie Van Straaten!  Marietjie used to disciple me and it had been three years since I had seen her!  Hard to believe.  We had such a fun time with them!  (Kwacha's just a little dark and the rest of us are super white so it kind of threw off the white balance.) 
 And you can tell I'm getting married soon, because the girls at work hung a veil over my desk.  Or a mosquito net...depending on how you look at it...

Can't believe the wedding is 25 days away!


Chris and Becky Buczinski said...

This was a great update! I saw your sister at church last week and thought about you. I'm excited for you to be married soon!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Becky! :)


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