Friday, July 12, 2013

Why we're having a baby right away

I never thought my blog would completely die after getting married; if anything I thought it would thrive because I would have so much more to write about! Obviously, I was mistaken.  In reality I do have a lot to write about, just no time!  But I better get used to it because I will need to keep it updated once we move to Malawi.

Today I thought I would talk about...babies.  Most of you know I'm pregnant.  Yes.  Already.  It's kind of funny how many people act like it's scandalous to be pregnant right after your honeymoon, when I'm pretty sure that all couples...well let's just say that I'm pretty sure all honeymoons are very similar. 

With that said, I have experienced many reactions to the news:

"Don't you want to enjoy some time with your husband?"
"That was fast."
"Your life is really going to change!"

Most of the time I feel like I need some really good excuses to answer all these questions.  And believe me, I have them.

"Well, we wanted my mom to experience the joy of being around while I'm pregnant."
"Kwacha's not getting younger."  (And truthfully, neither am I.)
"It would be nice to have my first baby in America."

And while all of those statements are true, the main thing is, we are just ready to have kids now.  We want them!  We both love kids and are excited to raise our own!  We are just so thankful that God was gracious to allow me to get pregnant so fast.  To be honest, before we got married I wasn't so sure I would want kids so soon, but as soon as we got married, I realized that I might actually be disappointed if I WASN'T pregnant.  Crazy as that might sound. 

Thankfully I haven't felt sick and so Kwacha and I have a full 9 months to enjoy life as just the two of us.  I think it's kind of funny actually that people bring up the whole "enjoy your husband" thing.  If I know anything of Kwacha's character, I know he's going to make an awesome dad, and I truly believe that will lead me to enjoy him even more! 

Maybe life will be challenging, but isn't the Christian life always challenging in one way or another?  Are we ever supposed to be truly comfortable here on earth? 

My husband likes to point out that in the Bible people got married and had kids.  Now I know Mary had to be a virigin, and Jesus didn't mike life hard since, you know, He never sinned.  But having Him right away sure didn't mess up her and Joseph's marriage.  What else does the Bible say?  That "children are a blessing from the Lord."  Also, nothing happens outside of God's will.  We could have tried and tried and not gotten pregnant.  Obviously, God planned to form a baby inside me now.  (Which is super mind blowing by the way.  It already has fingerprints!)

All that to say, we'er super excited to have kids.  Right away.  As long as it fits in with God's will, we're very excited to welcome a baby in January.  Just in case anyone was wondering. 


Heather said...

Love it!! We weren't sure about when we wanted kids either before marriage, but right after we got married, we wanted them all of the sudden! God allowed us to get pregnant 3 months after we got married! You still get to enjoy your husband and your relationship gets even deeper when you have a baby!! I'm so excited for you!

Amanda said...

Thanks Heather! Oh, I keep forgetting to ask if I can get the link to your blog, or password or whatever. I read the one you have on Lyme's disease. If so, could you just send me a facebook email? Thanks so much. Praying for you!
P.S. I know you have heard this a lot but seriously. Miles looks just like your husband!

hylytylr said...

Love this. :) So exciting.


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