Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Three Months

Life is busy with a sweet little three month old.  Her updates are almost the only things I get up here on this ol' blog.

I just never knew I could love a little baby this much! I may have said so before but I always thought having a little newborn might be a little boring.  But I could stare at this little one all day!
She found her hands this month and loves sticking them in her mouth.  She is just starting to figure out she can use them to reach the things she wants.

I don't really understand why people assume she's a boy.  She looks pretty girly to me, but because it happens I have been putting a lot more headbands on her lately.  This one is a little big, but I love it.  ;)

During tummy time Shirley is just starting to lean to one side.  She may be rolling not to far off from now!

She is just such a sweet baby!  She doesn't cry much unless she is tired or hungry and she is smiling all over the place now.  Although it's still hard to catch on camera.  This week she produced her first real belly laugh!  I was holding her on my lap and she was standing and kind of bouncing.  Once she bounced really hard and kind of fell and I started laughing pretty hard and then she started laughing really hard!  I thought I would die!

She kinda looks like she's conducting or something here.  She loves to kick and move her arms.  She's also "talking" a lot more.  I love how her little personality is shining through.

Oh little Shirley Lindi, we love you!

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