Sunday, October 08, 2006


So I held strong for two whole years. My parents, my sister, and even occasionaly her friend Chloa, begged me to watch it. But I always said no. I did not want to get sucked in and neglect my homework forever. But summer's with nothing to do will lead you to do crazy things. I finally caved in and watched a few episodes of Lost. That's all it took. There was no turning back. I still have two third's of the second season to go, and then life can finally return back to normal. One episode a week. Seriously, even my dreams are about Lost. I think that might be a sign that things are going a bit too far...


hershpinkmeow said...

you don't know me... i'm a friend of kim archer's. but i just had to say: i am with you. this summer i rented the first two seasons of lost. and i also dreamt about it (so did my husband!) we are happily watching the latest season free on the internet... then when they cut that out, it will have to be iTunes. :( lost IS addicting!

Frank Martens said...

word to that


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