Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Living at Home

Now that I live at home again, one fact has been confirmed. My parents are funny. I always knew they had funny quirks, but I guess that it has become more obvious too me in recent years. Tonight, at the dinner table, we were eating hot dogs. Neither my mom nor my dad like ketchup on their hot dogs. Just mustard and onions. Both of them. They think it's strange that I like ketchup on my hot dog. Maybe it's just me, but I thought that was pretty normal.
My mom messes up idioms like no one else. She invented a new one last night while we were eating at BJ's. She was telling us about a lady she works with that "swears like a fish." My dad and I were cracking up, but somehow we finally managed to tell her that it is "swears like a sailor." She also says, "When it rains, it snows", "like two ships bumping in the night", and "he was born with a silver tooth in his mouth." There are more where those came from, but these are her some of her classics.
This is kind of a random thought, but I was just thinking that it is interesting how most families keep their weight scale thingy's in their bathroom. I assume this is for privacy's sake in not wanting anyone to find out their weight. But really, I've never understood the point of that either. I mean, pretty much you look like what you weigh. It's not a huge mystery. I wonder what it would be like if someone put their scale in the kitchen. The whole family could line up and weigh in before Thanksgiving dinner. "Mmmm...sorry Aunt May, it looks like you won't be getting any stuffing this year." Hmm...maybe that's why this isn't a popular trend.


Emily Taylor said...

I can't believe you guys went to BJs without me, not fair! We should hang out sometime this week.

M or J said...

Hi Amanda, My name is Jennie Pizzi and we met at the COC Quarter Cook Out. I wanted to tell you that this post had me laughing out loud so hard! I found your blog somehow through someone else's and have really enjoyed reading it. This post in particular though just killed me because I mess up idioms just like you mom. I do it often that my husband has started keeping track of them in a Word document. I also loved your scale suggestion - maybe it would help me not to gorge myself during the holidays. ;) Is it okay if I link your blog to mine? I'd like to keep reading it without searching through other blogs. :)

Amanda said...

Hi Jennie,

I have no idea when you left this comment. Probably about a year ago! :0) I'm sorry, I wonder if there is a way to sign up for a way for me to be notified when people leave comments on my old posts. Anyway, if for some reason you ever happen upon this again, you are more than welcome to link to my blog. :0)


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