Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring Break #2

No, this is not my second post about spring break. It is my first post about my second spring break! That's right, I got two! The first one was inbetween my first and second student teaching assignments, and this one is because the school I am now student teaching at is on their spring break! God is so gracious in allowing me to have extra time off of school to do work and relax.
Monday was nice because I got to sleep in really late and I was able to spend a couple of hours reading outside. Something I LOVE but never get to do. Then on Tuesday I was able to go running. Not that I love to run, but I have not exercised in months! Seriously, I am the most out of shape person. A few weeks ago I went to the movies with my friend Melissa and I thought I was late. I ran down all the stairs of the parking structure from the third floor and all the way across the street and then I remembered that I had left my money in the car! So I ran all the way up and down again and I was coughing halfway through the movie! Really sad! On wednesday (the day after my run) I got out of bed and could barely move. All of my muscles ached, and my legs are still killing me. Pathetic.
Anyway, really interesting stuff huh?
Well, yesterday was the most fun. I went to the beach with Haley! I know she's going to post about it on her own blog and since I don't want to steal her thunder (especially since she's a better writer than I am) I will just post a few pictures and note a few things.)
The funniest thing I saw was this...

I can't really tell you what that is, but there you go. Haley and I got to ride on a ferris wheel! I love ferris wheels because I used to be deathly afraid of heights and it was one of the first "scary" rides I conquered. :0)

We actually got to take a little ferry over to Balboa Island. It was so cute, it could only fit three cars on it. And it was only .60 cents!

The coolest thing we saw all day was the dolphins. If only the water wasn't so cold we could have swam with them they were so close! And there were tons of them! They kept popping out of the water, every time we could see their back fin. Before we left, one jumped completely out of the water! It was so cool. And a bunch of them were spouting water out of their blowholes! It was something I had never seen before at the beach, and they were there almost the whole time that we were there. God was so gracious in allowing us to see that part of His creation! He is so amazing in all the different things He had made. We have such a creative God! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get pictures. But that's okay, it wouldn't have been as cool as seeing them in person anyway.

We ended up the day by going with Mariejtie to coffee near the church. So fun! I love talking with both of these girls. Well, I may or may not write more about spring break later, but I'm done for now. For some reason I am having major issues posting anymore pictures. At least I got some of them on there.

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Pecadillo said...

What do you mean you don't know what that is? Why, it's a cow/chicken of course.


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