Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's that time of year!

Fall is officially here (okay, so not officially, but in my opinion it is) and I am beyond excited! Fall is my favorite season. Well, when spring is here I sometimes think that that is my favorite season, but really, I think it's fall. Or I should say Autumn. I really like the name, Autumn. I think it's the nicest sounding season name. When I hear the word, Autumn, I think of a red, crisp leaf.

So it only began to feel like autumn on Tuesday. It was a little chilly in the morning, and that familiar crispness in the air arrived. Then on Wednesday, I awoke to gray clouds.....and I got to wear.....a sweater! Oh it was wonderful. But I actually felt the first hint of autumn this past weekend when I was at Starbucks with Emily. I decided to order a hot drink because I was just tired of ordering cold ones. I bought a Pumkin Spice of my all time favorites. I took a sip, and it was amazing! The sip embodied Autumn! I closed my eyes and took another sip, and even though it didn't appear to be true...I could hear the wind howling outside and the leaves on all of the trees were instantly red and gold, and I was wearing a sweater.

Today the crispness was there again in the air and the sky was the bluest blue and the clouds were huge, puffy, and very white. It was my favorite sky. I couldn't help but look at it and think of our amazing God! I am so thankful that He created Autumn.


Clint & Kim said...

awww, don't make me jealous! I miss Autumn soooo much! Especially in LA! NUTS!

Emily Taylor said...

Um, ok, now it's my turn to complain about no new posts.

Emily Taylor said...

seriously what the heck?

Hayley Hays said...

I second Emily's opinion.

Clint & Kim said...

I third it! :) Love you and miss you!


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