Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mini Heart Attack

That's what I had this morning first thing after I woke up. The sink was getting a bit overloaded with dishes and so I decided to clean up. I picked up a cereal bowl and out crawled the spider who just lost her husband. Okay, so maybe it wasn't actually a black widow, but it was large. Definitely one of the most gynormous spiders I have ever seen in a house.

One of my roommates was still sleeping peacefully in the next room and so I had been trying to keep it down, but on seeing the spider I yelled out in a panic. I don't care how many times you saw Charlotte's Web as a kid, your first reaction on seeing a spider of that size is KILL. Or else run away screaming like a little girl. Mine was of the first nature. You can't just let something like that have free reign of the house. I mustered up all the courage I was able to and proceeded to hack the thing to pieces with a large cooking spoon. Spider legs were splayed all over the sink. It was a nasty job and for about ten minutes afterward I felt like things were crawling on me.

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Emily Taylor said...

You post something else so I can stop thinking about nasty spiders everytime I open your blog!


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