Monday, February 04, 2008

More Second Grader Quotes

They're still cracking me up...

(Okay, so they've been singing this song in class that has a part that says "a beautiful maiden.)
Kathryn: Miss Taylor, Nicola sang, "Kathryn, a beautiful maiden."
Me: Nicola, did you sing "Kathryn, a beautiful maiden?"
Nicola: Mm hmm. (With a sheepish smile.)
Tommy: Nicola's a lady man!
Me: You mean he's a LADIES man.
Tommy: My dad says that I'm a ladies man.
Me: So you flirt with girls?
Tommy: No.
Me: But you're just like Nicola?
Tommy: No way! I'm NEVER like Nicola! I always eat ALL of my sandwich!

Joshua: Miss Taylor, did you know that everyone in the whole world are brothers and sisters in Christ?!
Me: Well, that's true only if they are Christians.
Tommy: Nicola and I are so close we are like brothers, but in Christ, we're like brothers and SISTERS!

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