Friday, April 11, 2008

The 80's

Emily said that I have to blog. So I am. I went with Janel to Cubbies tonight and we started talking about shows and toys that we played with when we were younger. So, yeah, I'm going to blog about that stuff. I actually resumed an 80's t.v. show conversation with Emily and Caitie the other night at Bible study, that we started a year or so ago. Some of these things may have been more 90's. But since I was born in the 80's, it still counts as an 80's childhood.
I think one of the coolest toys I had was a Popple. Does anyone remember Popples? They were these....bears?...I think. You could either get small ones or big ones. They came in many different bright colors and had Troll-like hair, floppy ears, and the best part about them....was the pocket on their back. If you flipped this pocket around...the Popple turned into a ball!

I was super excited to find this picture because this is the exact one I had! Emily had the small purple one. Haha! I thought these were the coolest toys ever. Sadly, my Popple's hair got matted...after...I had to wash it, because...never mind.
Does anyone remember Skip-It? Maybe they still have them. It was this thing that hooked around your ankle, and this round, heavy thing at the end had a counter, and you would swing it around and jump over part of it, and see how many you could do before you basically tripped over the thing. Haha.

Around the same time as the Skip-It, I got a pogo stick for my birhday. But I won't go there...let's just say my parents have good black mail pictures of me…
Who could forget Cabbage Patch dolls? I never had a real one, but my Grandma made me one. Yeah. She bought the head and body I think…or maybe she just bought the head and sewed the body and clothes. But she had blonde hair and that's how I learned how to braid. For some reason she had a large bald spot, but I liked her.

Then of course there was Gak and pogs and dozens of other cool toys that just can't be compared with today, in my opinion at least.
Let's see, as far as T.V. Em and I LOVED was The Wuzzles. It took us forever to remember what it was called. I remember that I had a little Wuzzle tape recorder. The only episode that we remember was one about a money tree. Strange, but true.

There was another great show that I believe was called, "Small Wonder." The main character was a girl robot that looked like a human. She was overly and unusually kind and naïve. At least this is my remembrance of the show. She seemed to always wear the same outfit, a red dress with a white pinafore type thing. I thought it was cool because I had a very similar outfit. Why I wanted to look like a girl robot, I don't know, but it's a fact nonetheless.
Here's the link. You won't be sorry. It's the opening credits. How can you go wrong with lyrics like, "She's fantastic, made of plastic!" ? Haha!
Now this show doesn't count really to me, although it did run through the 80's I believe, but I absolutely loved "The Wonder Years." Kevin Arnold, Winnie Cooper, Paul, the brother, and the hippie sister that showed up ever so often. I loved the opening song and pretty much everything about it.

Then there's always "Alf", "Care Bears", "Family Ties", "Smurfs", and "Fraggle Rock."
Oh man, I'm telling you, the 80's were great. At least as far as toys and T.V. shows. Clothes on the other hand….


Elizabeth said...

mate! you totally just referred to every toy I ever wanted and never mum never let me have a pumpkin patch kid 'cos she said they were ugly. what a lonely childhood I had!

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Anonymous said...

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