Saturday, November 08, 2008

Back By Popular Demand

So I happen to be waaaaaayyyyyyyyy behind in blogging about the second annual Sister Day. But my sister did a good job herself, and it takes a very long time to upload pictures on here, for me at least. But I finally got around to it.
It was a fun day. It started out at Egg Plantation again where we ate a yummy breakfast and exchanged presents.
Here is Emily reading one of the cards I gave her. The second card was a story which you may read here.

And below is the most delicious breakfast EVER! The Strawberry cream cheese stuffed french toast. SCRUMPTIOUS.

During the day I sent Emily random emails of fun sister facts. But after work was when we had our real fun. We went eating and shopping in Pasadena! One of my favorite cities in Southern Cali.

We ate at two places, both recommended by friends. The first was Hurry Curry of Tokyo. For some reason, the guys sitting outside of the restaurant were making fun of me for taking the picture. I didn't care, but I also didn't appreciate it!

We had an appetizer of fried chicken with a really yummy dipping sauce and then some chicken cutlets with...what else...curry!

After dinner we did the shopping. There are two ways you can tell we did some serious shopping. #1 I didn't take time to take any pictures. #2 I found a cute, comfortable skirt and a headband at J.Crew that were, together, under 8 bucks! Yes. You heard me correctly.
We were going to go to The Melting Pot for dessert, but after the shopping we were a bit tired and wanted to get a quick dessert so we could go home and watch a movie. So we went to the second recommended place, 21 Choices. It was recommended to us because Emily said she doesn't like frozen yogurt and this place was true ice cream instead. Hmmm..... You can all see what the picture says below....

Actually, it turned out to be way good and even Emily truly enjoyed it! We also liked the atmosphere. The people who worked there were extremely friendly, I'm not just saying that. And the music was good, oh yes. It was. I lip synched to Emily while standing in line while she was holding our spot on a bench, pretend microphone and all.

And here we are enjoying our frozen yogurt, savoring the last few moments of another wonderful Sister Day. Thanks Emily! I love you!


Emily Taylor said...

AWWW! I love you too! No one else could make waiting in line for frozen yogurt so entertaining!
Oh yeah, and it's about time!

Deidre Johnson said...

You girls are so cute! I want a sister day with my sis!'re it! I tagged you to post 7 random things about yourself:) You can look at my blog to see the rules :)

Amber Black said...

you guys are so cute! i hope kate and juls like each other that much!

Anonymous said...
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