Saturday, August 22, 2009


I miss my dad. It's strange how life goes on and in one sense things get easier because I'm "getting used to it" and yet at the same time things get more difficult because its been a longer time that my dad has been gone and so I miss him more. I don't have the panic feeling because I know God is loving and sovereign. I hope that last statement doesn't go ignored just because it's something many Christians say all the time and it's a known fact. It's not just a familiar's INCREDIBLY true! So, knowing that, there is GREAT hope in all of this. That's sinking in.
But if you want to know how to pray for me and my family, well, for me, please pray that I would joyfully serve my mom and demonstrate not just a service kind of love to her, but an affectionate love. The kind of love that will comfort her. I fail at this a lot.
Today is just one of those "sad" days as Emily calls them. Tomorrow is Sunday...a time to be surrounded by our large family, the church, which inevitably results in a "happy" day.
...boy...I'm sure starting to use quotation marks a lot...


Nicole said...

I was just thinking and praying for you all yesterday. Good to know that God is not only sovereign, but a God of comfort and hope too! Will continue to pray.
So, what has happened to your job stuff? Shoot me a message on facebook.
Love ya,

hylytylr said...

You've been in my thoughts and prayers a lot friend. I want to hug you.s


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