Friday, August 27, 2010

Back in the Old Days...

On a rare occasion, some member of my family will come across a group of old photos. I'm talking ancient. Okay, not ancient. Just ones of my mom or dad when they were younger. Tuesday night was one of those occasions. My mom was ransacking a drawer in the garage for some material (she's teaching Dany how to make a quilt, one of those skills one must acquire as a new mother apparently), and she came across some photos of her and my Aunt Donna when they were in college.
Oh the joy!
Some may be a tad embarrasing, but overall, I think my mom and Aunt are gorgeous in these, and what style! I hope my kids look back on my photos someday and are fooled into thinking that I am as chic as I think my mom was. :)
What I love just as much, if not more, are the stories that go along with some of these.
For instance, the character below is named Gordon. He was my mom's lab partner in college. My mom made Gordon cry. They had to do a series of experiments with baby chickens and Gordon had to snip off all of the chicken's heads near the end of the experiments because none of the girls wanted to do it. Snipping off all those chicken heads did not phase Gordon one bit. However, when my mom mixed the wrong reactants and ruined the results of all their work, that was what released the floods from poor Gordy's tear ducts.

The "young man" in the next picture is Virgil. Yes, that's right, I said Virgil. He had nothing to do with my mom; he was all about Aunt Donna. Aunt Donna never made Virgil cry. She made my Grandma Shaw cry. Because she rejected Virgil. Aunt Donna was just not into Virgil, but my Grandma thought he was an angel. Virgil asked Aunt Donna to the prom long before anyone else had the chance and I think she resented him for that. Yep, life was pretty miserable in the Shaw household for awhile after that. My mom promised to never do to me what Grandma Shaw did to Aunt Donna. She didn't exactly keep her promise, but that's another story and not for another time.

There aren't any stories to go along with the next group of photos. I mean, really, they speak for themselves. The first one is of my Aunt Donna, a few years after the Virgil days.

The next one is of my Grandma Shaw with my mom's cousin, Leonard. I think my Grandma was beautiful. You can't see her dimples in this shot, but I'm sure she lit up a room with her smile.

The following three are of my mom. I love her short haircut, but I could never pull it off. And I adore her coat and hat in the last photo. If only it snowed in California...

The cute little puppy in the next three photos is Puff. Puff once had puppies with a dog specifically "chosen" for her. Only during the waiting period, the dog next door also spent some time with Puff. The scruffy mutt dog, Dudeny (that's dude-knee) from next door. So when Puff gave birth, most of the puppies looked like the nice purebred dog, but one of them turned out like Dudeny.

My mom made the picture and the alligator below. Apparently, the alligator was a pajama holder. You could unzip his mouth and stuff in some pajamas. Both are so 70's. I love it.

These last two are of Puff and my mom. If I could be a professional photographer, this is the look I would want to give to my photos. A kinda retro, poloroid feel. I think the flowers in the first one are so sweet and fun. I want to grow some in my yard right now. And isn't my mom just too cute? Gotta love that 70's hairdo!

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Elizabeth said...

they are so much fun! that last photo could TOTALLY be either of you girls!


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