Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink Dinosaur

Most kids have a favorite stuffed animal growing up. For normal kids it's a teddy bear or a dog or maybe even a floppy bunny. But for me it was a pink dinosaur. That's all I wanted for Christmas of 1989. My mom searched high and low wondering where she was ever going to find it, but she finally did in the gift shop at the end of the dinosaur ride at Knott's Berry Farm.
The pink dinosaur was aptly named, Pink Dinosaur. For a short while it seemed that she needed a more...clever name, so I changed it to Christine, after my middle name, but it didn't last. Deep down I already knew she was dubbed Pink Dinosaur. Changing her name was like....changing her personality. That's right. I said personality. Just like Toy Story or Muppet Babies, our stuffed animals came to life, when we played with them, and maybe even when we left the room. ;)
Here's what Pink Dinosaur was like the day I got her: And here's poor Pink Dinosaur now...

Poor Pink has clearly seen better days. No more toenails, no more purse or presents. (I cut those off about 5 minutes after I opened her.) No more eyelashes or kissy lips or even pupils! But I still love her!

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Jackie said...

I have this Dino and she was my Favorite her name is Chrissy LOL I lost her when I moved and would love to get another for my daughter do you know what company made this toy? Is there a tag on tale? I have searched the net and your blog is all I could find TY in advance.


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