Monday, November 28, 2011

The Mallon Family

(Okay, Sara I hope you're not upset if I post these. I'm sure there aren't too many people that will get your Christmas card that also read my blog. :)

The Mallons were super sweet to let me practice on them and take some Christmas-y pictures. I learned that I still have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to photographing kids! But it was fun and they were great! Their photogenic faces did much for my poor photography skills! Anyway, here are a few from the little session we did. I love the hats and if the sun had been in the right spot you could have seen the cute little Christmas poles Sara made. The Mallon's are a fun, hospitable family with two cute kiddos!

Caleb looks like he's contemplating doing something mischevious. ;)

It was a bit windy, but I think this one of you and Kali May is so cute!

Like I said, wind.

Slightly different from the top pic. ;)

1 comment:

Sara Mallon said...

wow who is that amazing looking family? :)!!!!! and... I think you did amazing with the kids especially considering the HIGH level of disinterest my kids had in trying to pose :) thank you SOOO much for taking these - I love them! :)


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