Thursday, December 01, 2011

5th Annual Sister Day

This post is way overdue and I really didn't get too many pictures, but I can't let a Sister Day go by with no mention whatsoever!
This Sister Day was a lot of fun. It fell on a Sunday so Em and I went to church in the morning. We stopped at Starbucks for a quick little treat first.
Don't mind the absolutely hideous picture! (Of me..not Em. She's always cute. :)

Em wanted to open the presents in the car but I convinced her to hold off until after church. ;) During the high school service I gave Em's small group pieces of a little puzzle with a note just to have something Sister-Day-like going on. They gave them to her throughout the morning and she put it together at her desk before we left.

After church, we made our way to Knott's Berry Farm! Our family grew up going to Knott's every Christmas because my Grandpa Shaw...and actually his brother, my Mom and Aunt Donna, all worked there when they lived in Orange County. My Great Uncle Foulton was friends with the Mr. Knott! ;) Anyway, we used to get free tickets every year and it was always a fun time. We hadn't been since high school so a trip there was due.

We opened presents in the car on the way. Can you tell I had some fun wrapping Em's gifts? Pinterest inspired me of course!

When we got there, we were surprised to find multiple roosters in the parking lot! I, personally, was also surprised to see some of the new rides. They looked terrifying! In high school, roller coasters didn't phase me a bit...but now that I'm old, I get a little nervous. But it all worked out. One ride we DID NOT go on was the giant swing ride. Em thought I was silly at first but after we went on Supreme Scream, she agreed that we had had enough of heights. And the swing ride was 50 feet taller! You can see the difference between the two in this picture. Yikes!
We had one more surprise. (It was funny too because in the morning it was pouring and so hardly anyone was at the park, even though by the time we got there it was a beautiful sunny day.) Anyway, I'm not a good judge of guessing numbers of people, but it was an empty park. As we were walking up to the front gate we saw a group of high school staff people! We had no idea they were going that day. So it was funny seeing them pop up here and there throughout the day. Apparently they had a little game of "Where's Waldo" going on trying to spot Emily and me. ;) All in all it was another Sister Day success!

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Ebeth said...

Wish I had thought of doing this with my sister back when that was an option


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