Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shirley at Seven Months

So I think this may be a record for me.  This might be the fastest I've ever gotten Shirley's monthly pictures up.  But we're leaving for Malawi in less than two weeks, so a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.  

This girl is just so much fun!  I always hoped that my kids would have personality, but I always feared that they wouldn't in the end.  Well, Shirley did not disappoint.  

Shirl girl had some pretty big milestones this month.  She went from army crawling to full on crawling and she is starting to pull herself up on furniture, mostly on her knees but sometimes on her tiptoes as well.  She is quite the explorer and she is getting into everything!  But I think I said that last time.  

She also loves to talk.  Her favorite thing to say is "da da."  Every time I tell her to say "mama" she says, "da da da."  Whatever, Kwacha, she doesn't know that it means Daddy yet!
She also loves to squeal and laugh.  She loves when her daddy comes home and they get to play on the couch.  She loves walks with friends.  She still doesn't cry much unless she's really hungry or tired.

Of course we still have moments like in the picture below.  ;)  She's not a perfect angel, but we just adore her.

Seriously, could I love this kid any more than I do?

A lot of people seem surprised that she's crawling already.  I don't know what it is.  I think she has her daddy's natural strength and we do give her a lot of floor time.  Mostly because she likes it and I never wanted her to be a kid that cries as soon as you set her down.  I just never want to sound like I'm bragging.  Our kids all reach milestones at different times but in two years, they're all going to pretty much be at the same spot.  

The Bible says that "children are a blessing from the Lord."  That's all kids.  I don't find the Bible making any exceptions or caveats in that regard.  Whether your kid is happy or cranky, cries a lot or smiles a lot, he or she is a blessing.  Isn't God just so good?!

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