Thursday, January 26, 2012


I love this picture. 
My parents were undoubtedly a happy couple. 
My dad didn't bring home flowers every week.  (He actually brought home one rose one time.)
They didn't tavel across Europe together.
I don't believe they had an "our song."
My dad LOVED sports and my mom barely tolerates them.
But they loved each other very much. 
They loved spending time together.  They were married for just shy of 26 years, when death did part them, temporarily. 
My mom and dad met at a Bible study which my dad led in what was known as the Career Department at Grace Community Church.  My mom and her roommate at the time thought my dad was kinda "cute."  When the group went out to eat my dad would leave an empty seat next to him and wait to see if my mom would sit there.  And she did.  ;)
One night they were at someone's house and this book was sitting on the coffee table.  They were looking at it together and realized that they had a similar sense of humor.
One day my mom had a particular trying day at work and she told my dad about it.  He asked if it would help if he took her out for dinner and a movie.  She said yes and that was that!
I am so thankful for my parents.  I am thankful that they were committed to each other.  That no matter what trying times they would face together, splitting up would never be an option.
I remember one time when I was little and we were learning how to play Hearts as a family on the carpet in the "family room" my dad was explaining that he loved my sister and me but that he loved my mom even a different way.  I was upset by this at the time.  Ha.  But now of course I understand and I am glad my mom always came first.  ;)
My parents are and always will be a great example to me.


Anonymous said...

-Kristen S :)

Amanda said...

Aw. Thanks Kristen. :)


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