Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesdays

I have had a serious lack-of-posting disease lately.  I just haven't had much to blog about. :(  It may also be due to the craziness of May!  Mother's Day, Emily's birthday, and wedding showers!  Every weekend seems to be busy lately and my wallet is empty from all those presents.  Next year, more sentimental gifts. 
I do have a few little projects I've been working on recently.  I may post some of those soon.  Jenn has encouraged me to dip into that "creative...pool...?"  Ha. She is so artistic! 
Well, to ease myself back into posting I will just do a little "pinterest-ing" for you. 
Here is what I have found recently:

I used to not even like gold jewelry, but in the last year or so, it has really grown on me.  And these are so fun!
Pinned Image

I seriously wear my hair like this all the time now.  I felt "bun challenged" for years and now I finally feel that I have a grip on it.
Pinned Image

I really want to try and ink drawing like this sometime soon.  I love the lines!  And it reminds me of Aslan of course!
Pinned Image

Brick walls...oh brick walls I love you.
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"Healthy" peanut butter cookies.  My favorite. Oh yes please!
Pinned Image

Did you know quinoa (keen-wa) is a complete protein even though it's a grain??  And it's pretty tasty too, in my opinion.
Pinned Image

And I think I may try this today.  So summery! So fun!
Pinned Image

Heh heh....
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As always, you can find all the links for these pictures on my pinterest,

Have a good rest of the week!

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