Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This made my day...

If you know me well, (I feel like I start a lot of my blog posts off like that) you know that I DO NOT like garden gnomes.  Ew.  Seriously.  Years ago, my family (including Grandma) and I went on vacation to Ephraim, Wisconsin.  My grandma insisted that we stay at a little inn called the Trollhagen.  Trolls...gnomes...they're all the same.  Anyway, it was my worst nightmare come to life!  Somehow, I survived.
I soon found that I was not alone in my fear.  There was a commercial a few years ago that highlighted this phobia.  It was amazing.  I tried finding it on youtube to no avail which is probably a good thing.  Then today, I stumbled across this book on Amazon!

See??!  I'm not crazy!

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