Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Receptionist Duty

I really like covering for the receptionist at work. 
And I really don't like the quality of camera on my new(ish) phone.
Two seemingly unrelated things, I know.

When Michelle is gone sometimes I cover for her and that means I can arrive at work an hour later because I normally stay an hour longer in such cases.  Last Thursday (and tomorrow!) was just such a day, so I decided to use that hour and go to Starbucks to read.  I sat outside by the fountain and it was so nice!

(Here is where the sadness of my camera phone comes in.  I really miss the camera on my old one, but a smartphone was just really impractical for me.)

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the morning.
While I was looking at the fountain a hummingbird came by and flittered around, drank some water then zoomed off.  I just can't get over God's creation.  The speed on that little bird!  Amazing!  It's just so sweet to think of how God cares for and provides water for these little creatures.  Then we know He can definitely take care of us!
A breeze came by and I got a face full of jasmine scent! any smell better?
A classic short soy chai.  Say it three times fast.  C'mon!  The barista's can't do it most of the time.  ;)
Anna is letting me borrow Martin Lloyd Jone's commentary on Ephesians 1.  So good!  It's the first time I've read anything by him and he is so readable!  Even his commentary which you would think would tend to be more academic.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning!

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Ashley Wauhop said...

i always loved that part of the job, too!!


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