Friday, August 09, 2013

Walnut Street


Kwacha and I live on Walnut Street.  To anyone who went to Grace Community Church or The Master's College, Walnut Street immediately brings to mind the term "Seminary Row".  To be honest, I did not want to live on Walnut Street.  Ever.  It just seemed so...typical.  Typical grace girl.  Grow up, marry a seminary student, live on Walnut Street and eventually move to another state or country. 
But you know what?  I have come to love Walnut Street in all its glory.  I know it sounds crazy but I am actually quite fond of the ding.....ding....ding of the ice cream truck and the Mexican hat dance song of the produce truck.  I love taking a walk in our neighborhood every night with Kwacha.  Kids and families are always out and about.  The mama's pushing their babies in strollers with 3-5 other kids in tow, the papa's playing catch or soccer with their boys in the front yards, and my favorite dog, "table dog", walking to and fro behind his family's white picket fence.  (One day I caught him lying on the table outside, hence the nickname.  Very creative, I know.)
We love to walk to the local park and watch a group of older men playing soccer and teenagers at baseball and soccer practice.  We walk through the grass and my feet get poked by all the fallen pine needles.  Kwacha knows I love to walk right near the sprinklers going off at Hart High School.  It's so refreshing! 

Last night we walked down to the local farmer's market in Old Town Newhall.  The area is so nice now with the brick sidewalks and lanterns.  There were lots of fruits and veggies and yummy Mexican food.  Then we enjoyed walking back through the neighborhood admiring the pretty yards. A lot of men around Walnut Street work on other people's yards during the day and they have made their own yards so beautiful!  I try to take in as many ideas as I can for our own yard that I'm hoping we'll have someday in Malawi. 
And of course, it's just so nice holding hands with my husband. 
Walnut Street, I've grown to love you, and I'm going to miss you one day.
The Face of Newhall
I have no idea what this man has to do with Newhall, but his picture came up when I searched Newhall, CA, so he must be important.

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