Thursday, March 15, 2012

Decorating Fun

So to give credit where credit is due, I totally stole this blog post idea from one of my favorite design sites, Little Green Notebook.  And I used fabrics from the same textile company that Jenny did, L&S Fabrics.  But I thought it would be a fun little challenge to try and dream up some rooms.  Also, we recently got wood flooring in our living room and we are trying to decide on a new color scheme in there, so I thought this might be helpful for my mom to look through. 
So here are my "dream" rooms:

I think these would be pretty in a bedroom.  I would use the floral print as big pillows on the bed with a white duvet.  The funky yellow pattern I would use for curtains, and then the blue ticking I would use to cover a chair or a bench at the foot of the bed with the ikat as a pillow.

The next one I would call, "College Prep."  Not too original there.  ;)  Obviously, I think these would work well in a dorm room, or a young graduate's room.  The solid blue would cover a fancy chair and the deer head print would cover a little bolster pillow to go with it.  The latttice I would use for curtains and the floral print would cover pillows for the bed.

Would it be crazy to use the following prints in a nursery?  I hope not, because I would!  I'd use the blue bird print for curtains, the brown check print on a cozy rocker with the crazy stripe print as a pillow.  And I'd use the red and brown damask as bumpers..?...whatever those things are called inside the crib.  ;)   

These I could see in our living room.  My mom and I both really like red.  I would love the solid red on a couch with the small blue print as pillows.  The top floral I would use for curtains, and the bottom floral...maybe as more pillows?  I'm not sure on that one, but I like the combo.

Next set up: "Jungle Fever."  I'm killing you with the creativity, right?!  Heh heh.  Again, I would see these in a living room.  I can be a little bit chicken with crazy prints so I would keep the jungle print on some pillows.  I would cover an ottoman or pouf with the brown lattice print.  I'd use the damask print on curtains, and the stripe I would use to cover a chair...I think.

I haven't done a dining room or kitchet yet, so I'll imagine this last set in a combined kitchen/dining room.  I'd either cover some chairs or upholster some with the lattic fabric, then I would use the stripe to cover a cushion on a built in bench and then add some pillows with the fun bird print.  And I would make some pretty Roman shades with the floral.

So there you have it.  What would you do??

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