Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A litte quote...

What does your time in prayer look like?
I read a convicting quote recently.  My friend, Jessica, posted it.
"A man is what he is on his knees before God—and nothing more." - Robert Murray McCheyne
Robery Murray McCheyne is one of Andrew Gutierrez's (the high school pastor at GCC) favorite authors.  I haven't read anything by him but now I want to.
I have come to the realization that with the way my mind works these days, I have to write things down to focus.  People may scoff at the amount of notes I take on Sundays, but my primary purpose for that is that it helps me pay attention and stay focused.
The notebook above is a prayer journal that I was sharing with a friend for awhile, lately I've been using it to take notes, but now I am converting it back to a personal prayer journal.  I hope it helps me.  I so WANT to be faithful in prayer. I want to know that closeness with the Lord and peace that results from bringing everything to Him.
I want to see prayers answered, to have my faith grown, to bring other's needs to God and trust in His sovereignty.
Would you do me the honor of praying about this for me?  And ask me when you see me how it's going?
Thank you.
I need it.

Update: Andrew just sent this to the high school staff. Perfect timing!


Ashley Wauhop said...

before i got to the end of your post i was already thinking of the sermon andrew sent out. it was good! i too want to be kept more accountable in prayer!! it's so so important! let's text each other every couple of days and see how we're doing?! what do you think?

Amanda said...

I'd love it! thanks Ash, missed you tonight!


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