Wednesday, March 07, 2012


So I am very excited to announce that very soon, in a couple of weeks to be exact, we will have a new resident at the Taylor household!  Jennifer.  We really like Jennifer.  She serves on High School staff with Em and me and she is godly, kind and funny.  :)
There is a funny story...well, incident with Jenn. 
The very first time she came over I was having a little party while my mom and sister were on vacation.  We all wound up talking about how creepy it can be at night when you are home alone.  Well, Jenn was sweet and offered to spend the night.  As we were getting ready for bed, Jenn was in the bathroom when I heard a LOUD crash downstairs.  In my mind, it HAD to be a burglar breaking in. 
(I knew it wasn't the dogs, because when I went to the hallway they were both running to the sound, barking.) 
So, Jenn and I made a stealthy trek downstairs to find that the middle shelf in the cabinet had decided to give way all of the sudden!
It was the shelf that holds all our canned food. 
Some of those cans have been there for years no doubt.
For 23 years that shelf has been holding cans and has never given out.  But it decided that the best time would be when my mom and sister were away.
I'm so glad Jenn was there, otherwise, I would have probably spent the night upstairs in my room, awake, rocking back and forth in the fetal position.
Jenn and I spent probably half an hour putting the fallen cans on the table and rearranging what was left in the cupboard.  She suggested that I start...eating the canned food.  ;)

Well, last night Jenn came over and was shocked to see that pretty much none of the canned food had been consumed.  In fact, there may be even more.  So, we decided to start a little project called: Eat Canned Food!  Maybe we'll start when she moves in.  We are going to make a list of the many kinds of canned food we have and then we are going to make our way through the cans, finding recipes that require a can of "creamed asparagus" for instance.  Then we'll check it off the list.
So, keep your eyes open for "Canned Dinner Tuesdays" or something like that.  :)  It should be interesting.

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