Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Friend Files

Kristen Smith

Kristen Smith.  Oh Kristen, you are so funny.  Seriously people, if you want to laugh, hang around Kristen.  I think she is one of the funniest females I know.  She's very quick and witty.  She once told me she had a lot of practice thinking up comebacks to her two older brothers.
Kristen is also very thoughtful.  When I first discovered that I had colitis, I found a basket of foods I could eat outside my front door.  It had lots of fun little notes.  It was so kind!
Kristen used to meet Megan and me for Peet's also before church on Sunday's. 
I first knew Kristen when she was a freshman and I was a senior in high school.  We were in the same Bible study.  She actually came to my birthday party on her birthday! (It's the day before mine.)
See?  So kind.

Anyway...learn more about her here!

What is your full name?  Is there any significance behind it?  Any funny stories in connection with it?
My name is Kristen Michelle Smith but my parents will NOT stop calling me "Chris".

What is your favorite book?  Why?
Favorite book? Other than the bible I would have to say anything by CS Lewis. I love how that man's brain worked.

Where is your favorite place to eat in the greater L.A. area?  Why?
This is like picking your favorite child. I like hole-in the wall places by where I live. There is a place by my home called Crave that has good crepes, a place called the Pita Kitchen that is fresh and tasty, and a place that will get me FAT on their lattes alone - Aroma Cafe. I could practically go on forever...

Have you ever left the country?  Where did you go?  What did you do?
I have been to Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Germany, Monaco and France. Adventures! I love traveling but I LOVE coming back home! Next trip: somewhere that English is the 1st language. 

What is your dream job?  Are you doing your dream job right now?  If so, what do you do?
I go back and forth on my dream job. On one hand I would love to teach students but on the other hand I would love to do some sort of experiential marketing job. Or just owning my own business where I can do something artsy/creative or sell food I make. So many choices. But I am content at where I am now.

Who do you look up to?  Why?
I look up to Jesus Christ first and foremost. What an ultimate example of humility, love, contentment, submission... I look up to my mom and dad for their faithfulness, patience with me, service to Christ and His church, and for how they are willing to continue to grow and change (rollin' with the punches). And so many more.
I never look up to celebrities. Those crazies always let you down.

What is the first concert you ever went to?
I can't remember what my first concert was but it was in high school. I would so much rather go to a concert than see a movie. 

What are you thankful for?
I'm thankful for.. Everything. I'm so thankful for friendship, family, the body of Christ, s'mores, high school small groups, fresh cut flowers, SoCal weather, that I have a job, technology, and for a High Priest who can sympathize with my weakness. 
If you had a baby elephant, what would you name it?
Todd. First thing that came to my mind. Tiny Todd on special occasions.

'Teensy' because I am so original.

 Kristen made this little facebook collage.  The top two are from our trip to Minnesota.  We helped move Megan there.  We drove there in two days, stayed for two days, and drove home in two days.  It was a crazy whirlwind trip, but so much fun!  And there were a few crazy things that happened, like an encounter with a possible dead man?!  More on that later...

Oh and the pic on the bottom left was from an Audio Adrenaline concert at Magic Mountain!  ;)

Love you, Kristen!

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