Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bringing a Baby to Disneyland

This past Monday Kwacha, Shirley and I were able to go to Disneyland with my mom and Emily.  We were thankful to receive some free tickets which made it possible for us to go.  We had so much fun going as a family.  

When I was younger and single pretty much every time I went to Disneyland I got hit in the leg with a stroller.  It almost became a sort of joke. It was kind of ridiculous.  I boldly declared that I would never bring a baby of mine to Disneyland!  What would be the point?  They wouldn't remember anything anyway.  Oh naivet√©!  

It turns out, not only did Shirley seem to really enjoy it, but there's a huge benefit in bringing a baby to "the happiest place on earth."  Has anyone out there ever heard of rider swap?  I looked online the day before we went to see if you could bring strollers in line.  Well you can't.  BUT if you see a "cast member" at the beginning of the line and show them that you have a baby in your party, they give you a nice little card that allows the person who stays with the baby to go in the fast pass line with up to two other people after the first group finishes the ride.  If you couple this with a fast pass than basically three of you get to go in the fast pass line twice in a row!  Who knew??  We probably rode more rides than we normally would have.  It was great. 
I also had no idea that babies are allowed on so many rides!  Any ride that doesn't have a height requirement.  

And it is so fun to see Disneyland through your baby's eyes.  Shirley absolutely loved Small World.  She was looking around everywhere and bouncing like crazy on my lap.  She was also very interested in the parade, all the colors and music.  

Seriously, I recommend bringing a baby with you every time you go!  Just be careful with that stroller...


Tujaru said...

i've lived in noe since 92 and have never seen anything as obnoxious as today's sighting. a woman was in line at martha's around 10:30 am with two toddlers in not a double stroller but a double WAGON. the first kid was maybe 4; the second about 2.

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