Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shirley at Six Months

Six months sounds even longer when it's worded "half a year".  I know everyone says it, but they say it because it's true.  It flew by!  I definitely took more pictures this month so sorry if this post is a little picture heavy.  Though apparently there are some people who read this blog because I had a couple people ask me where the six month post is, so I guess you all won't mind pictures.  :)

She's covering up her face here, but it's pretty much the only official six month picture I got with her looking at me.  

The first big thing this month is that Shirley learned how to sit up on her own for long periods of time.  She is steady now, which is nice for her.  She enjoys sitting and playing with her toys.

How am I going to discipline this child??  I will though.  I will.  Shirley also discovered cords this month and computers, phones and iPads, all of which she is not allowed to play with so the discipline has started a little bit.

My mom bought Shirley the perfect 4th of July dress.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the parade or our evening at the Tagliere's house.  (Their neighbor sets off some pretty decent fireworks.)  But I did get the dress.  

Okay enough with the 4th of July pics.

These next few are the only pictures I took of Shirley on her actual 6 month birthday.  This dress is from her Auntie Kristin and we love it!  The drooling has continued, although there is less of it, but still no teeth!

But probably the biggest new feat of Shirley's is the army crawl!  She can now get where she wants to go which means I can no longer leave her out of my sight for more than two minutes!  Oh dear.  Sometimes she get on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth and then falls forward then she repeats it.  

She has also recently started "waving".  She moves her fingers up and down over her thumb.  She'll do this right in people's faces.  Especially mine.  I'm still not sure exactly what she's trying to do when she does it, but it's super cute.  

Shirley is still our happy baby overall.  She loves to talk and growl and laugh and we love how friendly and easygoing she is.  I still can't believe that God would give such an unworthy sinner as myself such a wonderful gift!  As always, we love you Shirley Lindi!

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