Tuesday, July 08, 2014

One More Recipe

Here's another drink recipe for you.  It's the perfect 4th of July drink so I'm sorry it's a little late, but you can use it next year.  Or you know...whenever you want.  Thankfully I found out about it on July 3rd, so my mom, Emily and I had it that night.

Have you ever heard of a French soda?  Like anything French (mostly) it's just a tad classier than an American soda.  Especially when you add a fun pink chevron straw at the end.  (The original recipe can be found on Everyday Reading.  I tweaked it ever so slightly.)

4th of July French Soda


a handful of blueberries
half and half
black cherry fruit concentrate


Toss a few ice cubes in a glass, throw in the berries on top of the ice, fill the glass 2/3 with perrier, stir in two tablespoons of half and half and about a tablespoon of the black cherry fruit concentrate.  (More if you like your soda sweeter.)  Stir with a cute straw and enjoy!

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