Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

It was a pretty simple Christmas this year.  Just the three of us at home after church in the morning.  I always love when Christmas is on Sunday.  We opened presents and then met up with my Aunt and Uncle to go see War Horse.  A tad more serious of a movie than I expected.  It was kind of weird seeing a movie on Christmas, but we had our main Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve since Jeremy was at Karli's on Christmas Day.  Our friend, Jenn, came too so that was fun.  

Emily's mysterious present to me turned out to be a poster that I had pinned on Pinterest!  "Yooooouuuuu sneeeaaakky moooommm!"

Just an attempt at being artsy with the Christmas tree.

And a cute dog that would be an excellent Christmas gift.  Actually, this one already has an owner but there is one more available.  :)

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